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Canopied with bondless azure sky with babbling streams and rivulets flowing across the endless stretch of greenary - the Sundari, Garan, Keora, Hental, Dhundul, Golpata, Passur, Garjan, Kakra and many other variety of trees - World's best mangrove forest, the largest delta of the world (with 102 islands), with all her exotic beauty and silent mystery - The Sundarban is waiting to welcome you. Be with Earth & Sky on our own luxurious pleasure launch - destined to take you through the meandaring canal of Durga Duani to the area of Tiger Project. While moving through the rippling waters of Matla you will come across rivers of different sizes and shapes named as Bidya, Hogol, Gosaba, Gona, Raimangal, Kalindi, Haribhanga, Bidyadhari and the Sundarban will unfold her myriad beauties before you one after another.

The deep dense forest, the murmur of the sparking rivulets, various species of local and other migratory birds as Tern, Kingfisher, Heron, Cormorant, Egret, Seagull, White Bellied Sea Eagle, Whimprel, Black Tailed Godwit, Little Stint, Sandpiper, Golden Plover, Pintail, White-eyed Pochard, Dalmetion Pelican, Ospery, Shaheen Falcon, Lesser Adjutent Strok etc. and the Estuarine Crocodiles basking in the wintry sunshine, Chinese Pangolin, Spotted and Axis Deer, Wild Boar, Rhesus Monkey, Leopard Cat, Indian Fishing Cat, Common Yellow Water Moniter, Marine Indian Soft/Flap shelled Olive Ridley Turtles, Gigantic Irrawady Dolphin, Hardshelled Batagur, Terrapin, Pythons. King Kobra, various type of lizards and the feeling of emancipation in the lap of nature will certainly touch your mind.

The inaccessibility of Sunderbans (declared as a Tiger Reserve on 1973) is its biggest attraction and in the mystery-shrouded Pirkhali, Gazikhali, Deol Bharani, Bhagaban Bharani Panchamukhani and Netidhopani you may have a glimpse of that awful beauty­ The Born Man Eater- The Royal Bengal Tiger. You may ascend the watch tower of Sajnekhali, Sudhanyakhali, Do Baanki, Burir Dabri and Netidhopani overlooking and untamed forests cape and enjoy sights and sounds of nature resplendent in her pristine virginal beauty. Tourists are not permitted to the core areas of Sunderban.

With the special permission from the Forest Department (Field Director, Sunderban Tiger Reserve) you can enjoy the protected areas as Haldibari, Marichjhapi, Chera Dutta, Harinbhanga, Baghmara, Metchua, Chamta, Chaimari etc. where your mind will be absorbed in the beauty of the forest. At dusk as the birds retire to their nests and the sky is tinged with rays of the setting sun, the entire forest undergoes a subtle transformation when the shapes and forms, silhouetted against the evening sky, acquire a surrealistic character. The night stay in launch with eternal silvery moonlight, the star-studded blue sky and the constant murmur of the river is a different experience altogether. The varigated moods and colours of the forest form a Kaleidoscope which is sure to fascinate you. The sounds of nocturnal birds at a distance from time to time will take your mind far far away from this madding world of ours.

The most interesting wilderness of the world, Sunderbans is a paradise for wild life enthusiasts, bird and butterfly watchers. Honey collectors, fishermen with their typical fishing boats will be an added attraction.

Places around Sundarbans

Places of tourist interest are :

Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary : Situated on the confluence of Matla and Gumdi rivers.
Mayadwip : The nestling place of Olive Ridley Turtles.
Kalasdwip : Densely wooded island.
Bhagabatpur : It is a hatchery cum sanctuary of the biggest Estuarine Crocodile.
Lothian Island : Bird Sanctuary.

Frazergunj & Bakkhali

The twin white sand beaches are entirely different from the ofter beaches. They are pristine, pure and hold the charms of a beach unspoilt. They can be accessed from Kolkata and are a 4 hours drive. The destination is also all too famous for migratory birds that can be sighted over there. About 130 km from Kolkata F & B are directly connected by regular bus services. It is easy to access Gangasagar Island from Kolkata by bus upto lot no. 8 near Kakdwip, by motorised launch/boats to cross the river and then again by bus/taxi from Kachubaria.


Culturally and religiously important destination with a good beach. Then why delay? have a pleasure trip to the land of Ma Bonobibi, Dakshinaroy, the Royal Bengal Tiger and the World Heritage Site (awarded by UNESCO in 1997). the Biosphere Reserve with us. Your comfort and convenience is our responsibility and we are sure that the wide range of flora & fauna, the warm hospitality, assurance of safety and mouthwatering delicacies will give you full satisfaction.

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